A look in the mirror

It’s taken me years and years to take a good look and see someone beautiful. All that wild hair. No product in it today so it’s all black waves and thickness, that piece always falling over my left eye(who you think you are? Aaliyah?). My face that white America just don’t love but that my mama and my daddy and my girls and any man with common sense finds intriguing. Cheekbones that say yeah I done been here for thousands of years so keep steppin’, more pronounced now that my sadness is making me lose the baby fat. Nose that some say should go under a knife but hell no my nose says my ancestors ruled an entire kingdom. Little almond-shaped eyes, “mi negrita linda tiene chiquitito los ojitos, si me da una guinada, se va conmigo pa’ Puerto Rico”, the eyes that fascinate Tego and El Gran Combo, ojos chinos, eyes that disappear when I laugh and smile, which never mind the current flare up of depression, I do constantly, brown and soulful, showcasing my old soul. Underneath perfect eyebrows. My mouth is perfect for sulking, bow-shaped upper lip, pouty lower lip. No makeup on today so I’m 100% natural, 100% Peruana, 100% bella, preciosa, y bonita.

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