Shoot me now, the life version

At work, we jokingly call out, “Somebody shoot me now!” whenever things are getting hectic. The newest variations are “Somebody get me a gun” when someone else(usually an employee) has done something stupid and “dame una pistola” the Spanish version so our non-Spanish speaking staff members have no clue what we are saying. Once in a while, I’ll say “shoot me now” outside of work if something reminds me of a stressful situation. For example, today I was browsing Craigslist and upon seeing my most recent dating fiasco was back online, I promptly declared “shoot me now” to no one in particular. In any case, the phrase is handy.

The car news is bad. Once again, my battered old friend needs a new part. My mechanic, who has worked on our family’s Volkswagens since I was in utero, cut me a deal on the part but everything that needs to be done will cost me a little over $500. And it won’t be done until tomorrow. Tomorrow is when my piano is being moved so unless I plan to walk the three miles to Mom’s bright and early in the morning to wait for the movers, I will have to trust they find my house with no problems. I suppose tuning the piano will have to wait, along with every other task I hoped to accomplish this month.

Shoot me now!

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