The FAFO Movies of July

After the Isolation Hot Mess Horror Film Fest, I find myself wanting to watch more horror movies, good, bad, or ugly. As a horror fan and writer, I can attest to the fact that, more often than not, horror characters suffer greatly from FAFO syndrome.  FAFO stands for Fool(or maybe it’s another four-letter F word) around and find out.  This statement stands as a warning so that people can behave appropriately. If you choose to act a fool, you will be treated as such.  This could include loss of private property or dignity, bodily harm, or even death. In other words, many of the characters in horror movies are warned long before the games begin. 

Prayer may be a good idea right about now

Incantation, now on Netflix 

This Taiwanese horror film spent some time on the streaming platform’s Top Ten(as in most streamed) and has been touted by some as the scariest Taiwanese movie of all time.  A found-footage mockumentary, the film follows a mom, Ronan, who has recently regained custody of her young daughter, Dodo, after succumbing to mental illness. Through flashbacks, we learn that prior to the little girl’s birth, Ronan, her boyfriend Dom, and his cousin Yuan were YouTube ghostbusters.  They decided they would visit Dom and Yuan’s family’s village to enter a cursed tunnel.  Six years later, Ronan is rightfully scared that the curse continues.  Possession and violent deaths ensue.  Not too many jump scares but there are some plot twists.  

I would tend to agree.

Nope, now in theaters

Jordan Peele’s highly anticipated third horror movie leans more into the sci-fi genre.  As with his previous hits, the social commentary is strong as Peele explores Hollywood’s chew it up and spit it out treatment of people and animals.  OJ(Daniel Kaluuya) and Emerald(Keke Palmer) Haywood are third-generation Hollywood horse trainers who are struggling to keep the family ranch afloat after their father’s untimely and horrific death.  They realize there may be a UFO in the area and hope to capture video proof with the help of Fry’s employee, Angel Torres(Brandon Perea.)  Ricky “Jupe” Park(Steven Yuen), the Haywoods’ neighbor and nemesis, is a child actor turned Western-themed carnival owner. Jupe has been buying the Haywoods’ beloved horses.  Like his neighbors, he hopes to make money off the UFO phenomenon. 

Though both films have received mixed reviews, I thought both of the films were solid and entertaining.  I did definitely scream questions or curse words at the screen because most of what occurs could have been prevented.  But if folks didn’t FAFO, perhaps horror wouldn’t be such a popular genre. Tune in next month.  

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