Dream Recollection 21: The Visitation

I had a dream we were in a horror movie. Or maybe it was the Apocalypse. There was a long drive to Sacramento or somewhere, gathering people together. It looked like my house but it wasn’t.
A black bird was the first sign. I was in the guest room and I saw a white barn owl. That was the second sign. I looked at it and felt it was talking to me. It moved to the telephone pole wires by the front door.
I sat on my couch with my new colleague and my ex-co-worker. They squeezed me out of the couch so I had moved to the other couch to read. I told them about the owl so they went outside. The owl became an angel, a woman in white. She said I had a purpose to fulfill, that I needed to move forward and forgive everyone because of what would happen next. I said I had. She said she knew. I said I didn’t know who to trust. I know exactly who I was talking about. She looked right at me and her eyes were big and blue with no pupils like alien eyes or the eyes of the blind. She touched my face and she said my heart was saying the right thing, that I knew who to trust, and that I needed to be strong.
Then I woke up to the alarm.

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