Dream Recollection 20: Another quilt

My dreams are keys to my mind. Ever since I was a child, my dreams have been pathways–and portents. My mother believes I have gifts: the gift of seeing/sensing ghosts and the gift of premonition in dreams. Whether or not you buy the supernatural impact of my dreams, they are intriguing and puzzling.

From the edited audio transcription
Wednesday August 22nd, about 5 in the morning

I was at the tall building(see Dream Recollection 17: The Quilt)again. Soldier and I were reunited. Not sure if we were lovers but we were reunited romantically, going on dates. Some of my students were in the dream. They were thrilled to see me, not so thrilled to see him. He was still the party boy. I was still the good girl. Chemistry was still there. I could sense hesitation on my part.
My sister in law was a little upset with me but nobody was really stopping me. A lot of people were happy.
He looked good. He was wearing a blue shirt and a navy blue peacoat.

In an earlier dream, I had a black male cat. He was supposed to catch mice. My mom’s house’s garage looked the way it used to. There was a family of mice he caught. He was playing with them and hadn’t killed them. I asked him to finish off the mice. He ate them all and then he tried to eat his black and white mate. She was still alive so he dug his fangs right into the top of her skull. I was afraid she would die.

Don’t know if it was the same dream but Lucky was tied up and Lula was free. Lula got to go running with me.

I did smell the roses a couple of times last night.

It’s a sign.

Thursday August 23rd
(Long pause.) There was a service station. (Long pause.) I remember the cars, the wheels. (Long pause.)

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