No longer a sophomore and ready for summer vacation

I am so happy the wind rustling through the trees on my street made me start to cry. I love every tree and bird and all that blue sky. I ran 4 miles this morning and despite the fact I experienced my first chafing(ouch!), I grinned at every senior citizen I passed on the shoreline trail. I waved animatedly at the two bums sleeping near the little park by Heron Drive.
Last night in group, I was giddy. I survived this tough second year at my job. I didn’t have to take a leave of absence or use up my sick days or call 911. I got a glowing evaluation from my boss. She also reminded me of the afternoon when I told her I might not make it through the school year. My depression was overwhelming and I wasn’t sleeping or eating well. Then a fight broke out, before I could break down into tears. I made it through that day. I made it through the rest of the school year. And yes, praise God, I made it through this depression.
I’m off to Nashville for the beginning of my short summer.

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