Dream Recollection 5: The visit

approximately 3:30am, June 27, 2007

My brother and I are in my parents’ house. The garage looks the way it did when we were kids, with the high ceiling and the huge door that swung open. I am perplexed because Brett has been posting new blogs on his MySpace which is strange because he never had one. I comment that it reminds me of Tupac, how after his death “new” material was released. My brother says the person running the page must have access to a journal. However, a recent post thanks everyone for their show of support for his girlfriend and family. I am telling my brother how mystified I am(and I use this word in the dream) Iam. My brother assures me all is well. Just then, someone approaches the half-open garage door. He bends down and enters the garage. It is Brett. He was wearing khaki shorts, a t-shirt, and a red cap. He smiles.

I wake up, surprised, yet not. I had turned over a larged framed portrait of Brett to our Athletic Director earlier in the day so he could deliver it to the family. I also brought home the video and my own framed photo of Brett. I get up from bed, walk into my office, and look at the photo. I say, “Good to see you, old friend.” I return to my bedroom. I am mystified.

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