“Happiness is a moral obligation.”

I chased happiness for years. Watched its slippery tail slither away in the shrubbery. Watched it float off into the sky like a stray red balloon. Thought I had captured it in an LA sunset and then I found myself all alone in the Manhattan rain and realized I had been wrong. Like many people, I thought happiness was a culmination of actions and circumstance, a smile from karma, the right card dealt my way. It’s different now. Happiness takes work.

Yesterday, Angelic, her consort Blue Prince, and I made our way to Fall Fest, a Catholic young adult conference in the City. With St. Raphael holy card in my back pocket(one never knows when you’ll trip across your rosary-carrying soulmate), I made my way to the sunshine of Japantown. We were treated to a day of yummy Japanese and Italian food, and workshops and liturgy to keep our Catholic fires burning. Over lunch, Angelic noted that I am happier now. It made me pause. It was both a compliment and a revelation. All my work is bearing fruit.

My new job is kicking my smart ass. I can only be lazy on Sundays but only after I have taught my RCIA class. I’m reading again and this morning I revisited my prayer journal and the gym. Life beautifully moves forward and I let it take my hand. Happiness depends on me and I’m not about to let it down.

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