So now what?

You buzz along, busy with your career, your faith life, time with family, time with friends, time exercising. You eat healthy. You clean your house, make your bed, do your laundry every week. You adjust to the fact that the only afternoon you can take naps is Sundays. Once in a while, you forget to make phone calls to cancel meetings but otherwise you remain your reliable, organized self. But as with any Sunday downtime, you have to wonder what else awaits.

Yesterday, while headed uphill to Homecoming festivities at our alma mater, my sista girl Lisa and I were commiserating on our current state of “boredom.” I put “boredom” in quotation marks because we are both very busy, community-minded, well-rounded women in the Bay Area. We are both single and currently not dating. For me, it is a matter of little time. After a summer of committing myself to getting out there, I am finding myself in a major life change. I don’t eat lunch at the usual time anymore. Every day at work is unpredictable. The drain on my energy was incalculable. Still, I am getting used to the changes and therefore, when the rare free moment arises, I do wonder how and when I might squeeze in someone.

Thankfully, my father and I are on the same page. He supports my newfound ambition and my newly hectic schedule. He echoes my public embracing of He’s just not that into you thinking, my rejection of going Dutch and being the one to call, my unwillingness to panic at 33. I may be “bored” but I refuse to settle for anyone less than spectacular. He doesn’t have to be perfect but he has to be right and/or get right. Time, stretched paper thin, is still on my side.

So what to do with our single-gal boredom? Mix and mingle more. Make time. Be grateful for what we have. My mom recounted over breakfast how her new neighbor, a brassy Mexican housewife, nearly burst an artery lamenting over my singledom, over my long hours spent at the school, and told my mom how she’s urging her 18-year-old daughter to hurry up and find a husband. Better to be “bored” than bored with an unfulfilled life.

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