A different sort of New Year’s Eve

I could choose to be overwhelmed.  By the first day of school tomorrow. By the sudden pushback from one of my staff groups at work.  By the house cleaning that needs to be finished. By the laundry left out on the line in drizzle.  By my cluttered desks at home and work. By the way my weight has yo-yo’d over the past year.  By the 14th round of half-marathon training that was supposed to have started two weeks ago.  By my high hamstring tendonitis which will likely delay my return to running.  By the tension between my boyfriend and I over a misunderstanding.  By my hectic schedule that allows for little downtime.  By the fact that I still don’t write as much as I want to. 

I choose to stand strong in the face of these challenges.  It does not mean I’m not scared, sad, or frustrated.  I won’t sit and wallow in those emotions.  I will feel them but I will not be paralyzed by them.  I will take it a moment at a time. 

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