Life on Alphabet Street

“2 make this cruel, cruel world hear what we’ve got to say:
Put the right letters together and make a better day!”   Prince
There are times when I worry that my daughter will grow up and write a best-selling memoir about growing up in a household that could be identified by medical acronyms.  Sometimes I believe it will make her independent, sensitive, and resilient because I see her developing those qualities.  Every so often, I fear it will cause her pain. Most of the time, we take each day as it comes. Day to day, we are like every other family. There is always a basket of laundry to fold, dishes in the sink to be washed, somebody’s socks a few inches short of the hamper. There is laughter and plenty of hugs. The labels seem to be just that. 
To survive any challenge, you must be focused.  To remember that you survived and retain what you learned from it, you must be mindful.  When I was diagnosed with BPD nearly five years ago, I faced my biggest challenge to date. I had to focus all of my energy and faith into my recovery; my life depended on it.  Years later, I am healthy but I cannot forget all that I learned. My recent battles with my weight and with interpersonal communication are reminders that I must be aware of whom or what is affecting me and, more importantly, how I choose to handle all situations, especially the negative ones. My health and happiness depend on it.
Our family, like all other families, is unique.  The fact that each of us has an interesting label that gives insight into who we are doesn’t define or limit our life experiences or the love we share.  In fact, it allows me to fully  appreciate and cherish that love.  
*For more information about BPD(also known as emotion regulation disorder), visit NEA BPD.  

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