A happy ending for Miss New York?

Whether we believe her name is Tiffany Pollard or Kenya Simmons, or if we think she’s a “horse-haired heifer”(to quote a fellow blogger, a transvestite or a messy diva, the woman we know as tv’s New York may have finally found a man. On the finale of I love New York 2, she chose the lesser of two evils, Tailor Made.

I had my doubts. After watching her borderline personality theatrics with Buddha in Miami, I figured she’d choose him and return for a third season when it all went south. But she chose the man with the gifts(Manolos!) and has supposedly moved in with him. More power to her. Tailor Made only has one child, as opposed to Flavor Flav’s half-dozen. Their parents got along so New York won’t alienate the in-laws the way she did with Tango. And even if he’s skinny, scrawny, and slimy, Tailor Made treats her with respect and affection. When all is said and done, that’s all most women want, to be cherished.

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