Shoot me now, the sad Bear edition

Blame my halftime premonitions. My brother might argue that all went south when South Central and I started saying we were going to party in the Big Easy at the BCS championship. In any case, our Bears finish with an overall 6-6 record and slim hopes of playing in the Emerald Bowl.

What went wrong? Should we blame Tedford and his inability to get us to the Rose Bowl? Longshore and his inconsistent passing? Desean’s injuries? Justin Forsett being too darn small? That obnoxious guy who stood behind us at the $C game? In sports, as in life, there are winners and losers. Cal had the Axe for 5 years and tonight the Rally Comm turned it over to the Furd folks. It was our turn to lose and it doesn’t feel good. I have to remind myself we haven’t been winners in decades and perhaps it’s not our time yet. But we’ll get our chance.

In the meantime, I have a medal to win, despite a sore leg and upset tummy. I am a Golden Bear and we don’t quit.

(Though I hope we don’t go to the Armed Forces Bowl. I have had enough allusions to the military this year.)

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