A Monday that needs more mindfulness

One of the core principles of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is mindfulness. It facilitates experiencing moments more fully and releases emotions from taking too much control of a person’s thoughts and actions. It is a skill I am practicing daily, even on days like today that feel negative.

What follows is an edited transcription of an audio recording I made on August 18, when mindfulness was relatively new to me:
I’m watching my dogs. They’ve treed an animal. Talula is sitting patiently, looking up into the tree. Lucky is lurking around the tree, in the shadows of the low-hanging branches. He stands up on his hind legs, moves his snout up, wags his tail. This is how they work together.
Lucky’s reddish blonde fur in the sunlight. His shadow on the grass. Curled tail. Tongue lolling out. Breathing in and out. Lavender, hot pink, purple blooms. Green grass. It’s beautiful in my garden. It reminds me of the monkey garden described in The House on Mango Street.
I love my dogs. Their life is so simple. I want to be that mindful where all of life is sunshine, work, and play instead of all this sadness.
It is so perfect I let myself cry. I’ve cried for the last few days. These tears are for the black and white dog with the pink collar staring up into the tree, never moving, never wavering, waiting.

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