Birthday wishes

“El espacio esta lleno de luz…” Aterciopelados

I’m 35 today but I feel like I’m 15. Not because I feel insecure(for once, LOL) or awkward but because I’m making a debut of sorts. Yesterday, I learned a lot more about myself. Today, I started to move forward, back out into the new world of opportunities.

This year has been my year thus far. I have experienced so many things I only imagined before(blog forthcoming). I have held strong in the face of loss(miss you Brett!) and my own unraveling. I wish for myself continued strength, resolve and openness. I wish for the continued support and compassion of my loyal friends and family. I wish that I keep making this year my year, a year of growth. I wish that I will get to be in Soldier’s arms again.

Happy birthday!

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