Shoot me now, Vol. 3

Just a week ago, I was chilling in a beautiful hotel room, relaxed from a lukewarm bath, waiting with baited breath for a phone call. That phone call would then prompt me to get in my rental car and drive for an hour to get Soldier. Just a week later, I’m in “shoot me now” mode.

10 suspensions, 9 five minutes from the final bell. A gazillion references to 420. 3 boys sent out for spraying cologne in a teacher’s classroom(she has allergies.) 2 rallies. 1 crazy parent and her equally insane daughter. And a partridge in a pear tree.

Thank goodness I’m chilling with a movie and the girls tonight. The predicted rainstorm seems to have abated for now. Despite all of today’s nonsense, my mood scale numbers have been consistently high.

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