The Cranny factor

As some of you know, I live for Degrassi. I check in periodically with a sophomore that used to be my student and we jump up and down like we’re the same age over the latest DNG happenings. Never mind that I read the spoilers on the fansites from Canada because I can’t stand the suspense of not knowing the plotlines before I watch the episodes. This week, the moment I have been waiting for finally arrived. No, the Latin or Asian man of my dreams didn’t run into me at church and ask me on a date to dance to house music or have Peruvian food. Cranny has returned.

Cranny is shipper(online term for fans of relationships between fictional characters) jargon for the romantic connection between Craig Manning and Manny Santos. Craig Manning is the artsy bipolar orphan who’s had Manny’s attention for years. Manny is the bad girl turned social misfit who broke up Craig’s first serious relationship. They went from puppy love to an unplanned pregnancy to barely speaking to each other. The last time these two had a significant scene together, Craig, wired from his new meds, told Manny she was the biggest mistake he had ever made. Imagine my surprise when Craig defended Manny when her Girls Gone Wild moment hit the school’s email. These two, like Carrie and Mr. Big, just can’t stay away from each other.

It’s surprising how much of a Cranny fan I am. After all, I hold He’s Just Not That Into You as my new personal life survival handbook. Craig has spent years just not that into Manny. I have had moments of wishing she’d find someone better. But when these two are given the chance to be together: chispas y fuego. They have chemistry for days. Sure he’s a lanky white boy with thin hair and she’s a curvy Pinay. But when they’re good, they’re great. They complement one another and share a warm, friendly rapport. They have the dynamic sparks I still seek. Is the Cranny factor the stuff of tv teen melodrama or a real phenomenon?

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