The Contemplative Corazon

Show Notes for Episode 1, “Origin Story”

In “Origin Story”, I explore my journey into contemplative practices. In my mid20s, I was a new teacher, aspiring novelist, and club kid. Despite a busy and exciting life, my mental/emotional health was in a downward spiral. I needed to refocus and to heal. I experienced a call to contemplation during a guest speaker’s presentation at Mass. The episode touches on how my journey into contemplation coincided with my work to find mental and emotional stability. I also preview the upcoming episode and season.

Show Notes for Episode 2, “The Contemplative Commute”

I opted to share one of my own daily practices. In the last year, I have shifted how I view and use my morning commute time. I share what a typical morning looks like, a recent challenging commute, and how I center myself even if things don’t go as planned. I also explain why I shifted to a how-to episode and preview future episodes.

Show Notes for Episode 3, “Roots and Resources”–Roots-and-resources-e1br4bn/a-a7437b4

In Episode 3, I discuss the Catholic roots of my contemplative journey which includes a stint with the Legion of Mary. I share the authors/practitioners who have inspired me including contemporary contemplatives along with saints traditionally associated with contemplative practices. I have compiled a Bookshop wishlist of the titles I discuss. I preview upcoming episodes about the pandemic and a reunion with my fellow former Legionaries.

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Show notes for Episode 4, “Practicing in a pandemic”–Practicing-in-a-pandemic-e1c76bv/a-a75f3lo

In Episode 4, I reflect on the pandemic, its early days of adjusting to changed routines and two positives that came out of that difficult time. I also discuss how a mentor’s mention of one of my character traits inspired me to move forward with this podcast.

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Show notes for Episode 5, “Class Reunion”

In Episode 5,–Class-Reunion-e1cndta/a-a778ga9

I welcome my first guests, my dear friends and former Legionary sisters Christinne, Arlene, and Nicole. We reminisce about our days with the Legion of Mary. My friends share about their own faith journeys and provide insight and advice into contemplative practices.

Show notes for Episode 6, “Running as contemplation”

In Episode 6,–Running-as-contemplation-e1dbea9/a-a79hr80, I talk about how I began running as exercise and how it serves as an opportunity for contemplation. I reflect on my recent half-marathon. I pay tribute to Thich Nhat Hanh.

Show notes for Episode 7, “Dance as contemplation”

In Episode 7, I share my history as a dancer and how it can lead into contemplation. I describe the body/mind/heart connection that is unique to dance.–Dance-as-contemplation-e1e0r4o/a-a7bv6on

Show Notes for Episode 8, “The Gift of Retreat”

In Episode 8,–The-gift-of-retreat-e1ekcb4/a-a7en9je I focus on a more traditional practice, going on a retreat. I give a very brief history of the Christian retreat tradition and then describe what could be experienced at a typical retreat. I then share about three retreat centers in the Bay Area that I have personally visited and hold dear.

To learn more about the locations I discussed:

San Damiano Retreat Center,

St. Clare’s Retreat,

Santa Sabina Center,

Show Notes for Episode 9, “Hearing the Heartbeat

Episode 9,–Hearing-the-Heartbeat-e1fafao/a-a7hc9r4 took a look back at the in-person retreat that set this podcast project into motion. Father Ronald Rolheiser has long been one of my spiritual teachers and it was an amazing opportunity to share space and time with him.

To learn more about Father Ron and his writing and speaking:

Show Notes for Episode 10, “Reflections on Season 1”

Episode 10,–Reflections-on-Season-1-e1fvv07/a-a7jvkssconcludes the first season, The Beginning, with a reflection on being a principal during the Covid-19 omicron surge and reiterates the importance of contemplative practices in my life. I also preview Season 2.

Season 2, Fellow Travelers

Show Notes for Episode 11(Episode 1 of Season 2), “Travel Companions

I discuss the season theme and share a story about how community can enrich our contemplative journey.–Travel-Companions-e1hb20c/a-a7p6knm

Show Notes for Episode 12(Episode 2, Season 2), “Envisioning Legacy”

I reunite with former colleague Russell Sato, a devoted dad of two, an award-winning teacher, and thinker. We discuss, among sharing work memories and laughter, his Buddhist roots, yoga, and the importance of legacy.–Envisioning-Legacy-e1iidf4

Show Notes for Episode 13(Episode 3, Season 2), “Finding peace within a parade”

I share my experience dancing in my 8th San Francisco Carnaval. After losing multiple loved ones, global tragedies, and a global pandemic, I was blessed with a beautiful parade. I also share how Carnaval is a process.–Finding-peace-within-a-parade-e1jrioc

For more information about joining San Francisco Carnaval,

To learn more about my comparsa, award-winning Fogo Na Roupa,

Show Notes for Episode 14(Episode 4, Season 2) “Thousands of corazones”

I discuss my recent experiences at Golden-Con, the Stanford Powwow, and the San Francisco Pride Parade. Though contemplation can be a solitary practice, I find that gathering in community nourishes my soul.–Thousands-of-corazones-e1lki26

Show Notes for Episode 15(Episode 5, Season 2) “Tending to the spirit through motion”

I welcome my dance sister, Gigi, a loving mom of two, an early childhood educator, doctoral student, dancer, and avid hiker. Along with sharing laughter and candid reflections, we discuss the power of movement for clarity.

Show Notes for Episode 16(Episode 6, Season 2), “Capturing the light”

I welcome another of my dance sisters, Christine. She is a talented artist and photographer and serves as a therapist and art therapist. Along with shared laughter and memories about our days dancing on local TV, Christine discusses the role creativity and contemplation plays in her work with her clients and on her own journey.–Capturing-the-Light-e1mp5t5

Show Notes for Episode 17(Episode 7, Season), “Rough road”

I share a solocast about a recent road trip and its unexpected challenges and silver linings. I also had a realization about a fellow traveler.

Show Notes for Episode 18(Episode 8, Season 2), “Standing powerfully”

I am joined by my friend Halima, professionally known as Queen Mawuta. She teaches SambaMix and is also a featured dancer with Estrelas do Samba. She currently serves as a middle school dance teacher. Our conversation explores the importance of protecting our peace, both in our personal and professional lives.