The Curse of the Witch Doll


Nancy Drew doing her thing 

Before Nancy De La Cruz(the Latina Nancy Drew) could hop in her hybrid and head to the farmers’ market, she found her elderly Italian neighbor, recently subject to religious persecution(The case of the missing memento), was unconscious and lying behind a wall.  Nancy questioned the poor woman but the victim had no memory of her removal from her home.  After questioning potential suspects, Nancy’s worst assumptions were confirmed.  The longtime accuser had been joined by another religious zealot so the old woman went into hiding.  It was time for Nancy to get chola on these fools!


Must find this shirt!

Unfortunately, neither Nancy De La Cruz nor Nancy Drew is about to throw down in the streets.  She uses logic and seeks understanding. So while the ongoing drama over witchcraft allegations may resurface now and then, it will be handled rationally and civilly.

It has taken me years to cultivate a sense of calmness. It’s one thing to have a game face. It’s another to calm the hurricane within your mind. But with time and quality moral support from family and professionals, I have mastered the art of keeping it together.   In the face of varying levels of tomfoolery, both personally and professionally, I keep my cool and take time to think about next steps. It takes effort, sometimes a monumental effort to not lower the standards I have set for myself.  I work.


La befana is back in place at the mantel.  She is harmless, as are the close-minded people who shudder when they see her. I have no control over others’ thoughts and actions. I’m not about to do wrong by losing self-control.


Pray for me, y’all! 

Shoot me now, the travel edition

I jumped out of Blues’ SUV in anticipation, gave him several farewells before breezing through baggage check and security, ready to catch my flight to Las Vegas. Old school playing on my iPod, Williams-Sonoma catalog(love it, makes me want to smoke a cigarette and I don’t even smoke, lol)on my lap, and in a while, we are on board.
Here I am, nearly two hours later. Vegas is closed due to severe rain. Don’t I have to run 13.1 miles in the freezing cold Sunday morning? That’s if I can stand this airplane AC. Thank goodness for SkymMall and a very slow Internet connection.

Rant 5: N****a n B**** please!

You p****y a** fools worryin bout what’s goin through my damn mind, worried bout what I’m fit to do. Y’all need to admit you some scary punks. I ain’t worried bout seeing you or talking to you.

I’m done with all the bullshit. I just want to squash all the drama once and for all. Be at peace wit y’all. I’m tryin to be the bigger person, reach my hand out, even if being cool bites me in the ass later. Y’all don’t know nothin bout me or my folks. We some good people and we love like family. But I’m not bout to waste my time on some small minded, weakass cowardly fakeass phonies. Be intimidated. Have your 2nd and 3rd and 24th thoughts. My madness is in check but don’t think I can’t strike back if need be.

Wish i could blog

The third time best be the charm. I have tried unsuccessfully to post a blog only to have it disappear into cyberspace twice.
My new toy,my Blackberry,is not ideal for writing. I suppose I should be glad since wasting time online is an urge I have targeted in DBT.
Still it is frustrating as I don’t have the time or technology to write as much as I’d like.