Confession 6: Lush

See what had happened was we was only gonna get one drink. Just one and then we’d head home unless the guys were really cute. I said wouldn’t it be funny if Memo was in the house cuz that’s his spot. Look down the bar and there he was getting his drank on. V-Town shows up dressed as an Army boy and y’all know I had a Toni Braxton unbreak my heart moment but then it was also funny. The universe ain’t about to let me forget the man who left. But I digress! So we got more drinks. V-Town bought me a couple including a Framboise just like I had in that cute spot in Cashville right before I lost my damn mind. Anyway, all the men were fine and the old school jams were playing. It was on! We so money! V-Town asked me if I wanted to go to the car and next thing I know it was like that Total Devastation cut, “Many Clouds of…”. Hadn’t done that since my school days. Camera phone snapping. V-town romancing an African girl. Memo getting spanked by the devil dom. Me trying on the camo. The Amy Winehouse lighting up her spoon. The green eyed Mexican declaring “that’s why you so fine” after I told him I was born in the Town.
Happy Halloween indeed.
What you mean work at 7:30?

Fun hangover

If there’s a bad influence within a 5 mile radius and he’s Latino, chances are I’ll get mixed up in some madness. Halloween 2007 was no exception. It was Thank God It’s Friday meets Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. Okay so there was no nudity or cheetah riding but there were a lot of hilarious moments, courtesy of my bro’s bros and yours truly. Stay tuned for the play by play…

Hipster doesn’t always hurt

Bay Area natives sometimes seem like an endangered species. You go out to the Mission or Haight and it may be weeks before you meet someone who was actually born and raised in the Yay. The East Bay seems to be a better habitat but even there, hipsters from all over the States and the world congregate around Berkeley, Piedmont, and Lake Merritt. But, like Underdog says, never fear. Some hipster chic does the Town some good, at least in the case of Easy Lounge.

Once upon a decade, the Fifth Amendment was a live blues dive. A nasty floor, old wood tables, and singers with whiskey and menthol raspy pipes and you had the perfect hangout for public school teachers needing an early weekend starter. I spent many a Thursday night downing a cerveza or two and swaying to songs about the man or woman who done us wrong. But the bar that once was has been transformed. Easy Lounge has a distinct San Francisco feel with its French and English literary carvings on the far wall, towers of high-end alcohol, and DJs spinning an ecletic mix of 80s, 1950s salsa, and old school.

But don’t let the hipster look fool you. The crowd was a lovely melange of hyphy boys, glam black girls, neo-hippies in Birkenstocks, and a crew of Cal alum Latinos(hey that’s us!)The Shirley Temple I had was tasty(2 months of sobriety, hurray me) and my bro’s junior bros recommended the Adios Motherf***er(now I’m definitely drinking one of those when my fast ends). No cover charge and a great location near the Lake. Definitely going to hit that place up with my girls–and my Manolos.