Worst foe

“I been movin’ calm, don’t start no trouble with me

Tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me” by Aubrey Drake Graham


To all the fake traitorous former friends in my life and those of my loved ones:  You tried it!


Let go when a friendship falls apart

Can’t let it hurt your heart

Most friends who turn out to be false aren’t worth grieving


I gave you my time, my energy

I cared for you like I cared for my best friends or for my family

You played me

This is how you paid me

You betrayed me

How am I supposed to feel sympathy for your stupidity?

I have no pity left  

I don’t care about the hours spent giving you advice through conversations, through phone calls, through text messages

I care about myself which is what I should have been doing instead of looking out for your fool self.

Go lose yourself in your addictions, your questionable relationships, your time wasting

You need help, not my health.

I will pray for you but I won’t speak to you.

You took.

You damaged.

You go.

I will be tempted to be vengeful but I know that is not me. That is my anger against you. I refuse to give in to it.  

I have wasted enough of myself on you.

I will leave you in peace and I expect you to do the same.

Don’t speak on me

Don’t speak to me.

Do not come for me.


An enemy is an enemy

but a friend turned enemy is the worst kind of foe.

Please go or I will have to let you know.

That’s a side of me I don’t want to show.

I know better now

I know who you are

You’re not going to get far if this is how you do those that show you love

Now go on.  Go do you.

Let the universe handle you

ides_of_march 02

those damn Ides of March 


From Dangerous Liaisons

This further lets me know…*

I got an email from a former associate last night. I’ll admit I panicked. Truth be told, I loathe confrontation.  I would rather avoid a person I dislike rather than argue.  We can retreat to our own corners of the universe and not perpetuate the cycle of negativity.  So I saw this person’s name appear in my inbox and I felt flustered.  After consulting my boyfriend, I decided to open the message.  It turned out it wasn’t for me at all.  In fact, it was clearly meant for someone else, including names and situations of people I have never met (though I did know of one in passing.) 
I have made mistakes in choosing friends. I have befriended people who eventually brought little into my life or even caused damage.  Having learned from various experiences, I have chosen more carefully.  As I looked over this mistaken message, I realized I chose wisely to end the budding friendship. This email shared judgments and details about someone’s marriage and health problems.  The email ends with the telling line, “I got this info from a mutual friend.” While this may seem like harmless gossip, I’m sure the woman and man being discussed would be embarrassed and angry to know their troubles are being transmitted across the Internet. 
Now I am guilty of continuing that cycle of chisme, too, by writing about this bizarre incident. I intend to work on that bad habit.  And I intend to “block sender.” 

*Props to comedian Steve Harvey for his bit in _The Original Kings of Comedy_ and making this phrase one of my catchphrases.