For hire

0x600Twenty five minutes for 10 questions. Why do we expect potential employees to explain themselves and qualification and show their leadership potential with two and a half minutes per broad question?  It is difficult, even for someone who considers herself good with words, to convey who I am in a very short amount of time. It’s easy to look great on paper or to look good in an interview or a demo lecture. It’s in the day-to-day work that true efficiency and/or talent can be witnessed.

I have worked with people who gave great interviews and turned out to be terrible.  I have also worked with excellent speakers who turned out to be great employees. As with anything, whether it’s an interview or a first date, the outcome will depend on the people and circumstances involved.  Are you what the other party seeking?  Is the other party what you seek?  Do you know what you want and expect? Can you communicate those expectations? It is not an easy process and sometimes feels unnatural.


I’m good with words but words have to be followed with actions. You have to live what you say. I know someone who is constantly promising all the changes that will be made. This person has not changed. This person is behaving in exactly the same way as usual. One of my professional mentors has pointed out that people always show us who they are. How do we react?

I constantly reflect on the difference between being proactive and reactive. We are always going to be reactive. We have to ensure safety so we are always going to react when someone’s actions are inappropriate, unsafe, or unacceptable. We have the choice to be proactive. From the first sign of problems, we have the power to decide we will not invest further time and energy into a situation.  I believe in second chances; hell, I’ve given people dozens of chances. As an aspiring leader, I have to decide if my workplace will be the land of a thousand chances.

As for me, I know that if given an opportunity, I will strive to not disappoint. If I make a mistake, I will rectify the situation. I stand by that.



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