Days in the desert

During the second week of Lent, I had to reassess my progress with my Lenten challenges. Bagging up items I no longer need was going well. There are fewer items to discard though my house still looks cluttered. My writing is going well in producing drafts. I haven’t managed time well for revising and publishing. I spent four hours doing a week’s worth of posts. I have to come up with a new system or I have to let go and accept this will be the process. In terms of more prayer, I’m listening to gospel music daily. I’m not being diligent about doing my spiritual reading or truly taking time out of my day to pray.

Today’s prayer was for a better relationship with my daughter. While she may get upset by what happens in her school friendships or in dance competition, the biggest influence on her life is the relationship with her parents. When we’re hard on her, it hurts her. It’s a busy time of year with dance competition, Carnaval prep, and Lenten activities at my daughter’s school.   Busyness and multitasking keeps us from diving into each moment. I’m notorious for multitasking, especially at work when multiple devices are on.

I need to manage my time and stress levels. I’m working on a job search. My taxes haven’t been done. Work has been hectic. This is no one day Ides of March phenomenon; it’s been difficult for months.  Adult and youth behaviors show a lack of boundaries, self-control, and common sense.  It’s taxing to manage all of that.  On the home front, the 4th member of our household, my mother in law, arrives this week. That will change the family dynamics. The kitchen will be cleaner but I may have more interpersonal challenges.  My schedule may be called into question more often than usual.

Lent is a time of struggle. I’m put to many tests daily. I have to face them day by day, hour by hour. I really want to do minute by minute because I’m not enjoying the moments. There’s no quick fix. I have to sit in the desert hungry, thirsty, irritated, and tired and let the sun beat down on my head.



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