The ease of being green

I know exactly when I first began to love Kermit the Frog. It was when he sang “The Rainbow Connection” in The Muppet Movie. I was seven years old.  If I remember correctly, I saw the movie with my family at the Lorenzo Theater. I do know I cried. (Still do sometimes.Y que?)  I  liked Kermit, his usually calm demeanor, his mostly positive attitude, his sensitivity and common sense.  Though he was soft-spoken, he was respected and trusted. Kermit was proof that you didn’t have to be loud or big to make a difference.
I was thrilled when the Muppets made their comeback. M enjoys their movies and we are both looking forward to their new show this fall. But Kermit, in particular, has had quite an impact in the world of the interwebs. Kermit memes have gone viral over the past few years. I may be late to the party but I am having the time of my life. Kermit continues to speak for me.  
He lets you know when I’m choosing to keep quiet. (Even though I’m judging away.)
Overwhelmed. (By other people’s nonsense.)
Over it. (Or over you.)

Most of all, I use Kermit memes to make light of situations.In the past, I allowed people and events to sadden or stifle me. These days, I know to face whatever comes my way with acceptance and humor.  
Kermit and I are winning.  

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