The end of an era

My dad started working at the age of 11.  Having lost his mother, my grandma Julia, at the age of 7, he began helping his family through various odd jobs. While working for a family in Lima, he had the opportunity to come to the US at the age of 15. He soon left this job so that he could be a student at Castlemont High School. Just months before graduation, he was drafted into the US Army.  He served his new home country for four years and then headed back to Peru where he reunited with a childhood friend from his hometown, my mom Elsa.  The rest is my family history. 
My dad, my pops, my daddy, M’s grandpa is a great man. From him, I’ve learned to cultivate many qualities.  One is the value of taking pride in one’s work.  My dad has always given his best at every job he has had, whether it was Army cook or factory supervisor or custodian or, as he has done for the past 17 years, truck driver.  He has worked hard, long, but most importantly, shown integrity, positivity, and humility every day he has worked. 

Today on the last day of 2012, at the age of 66, he will turn in his keys and change out of his work uniform for the last time.  Happy retirement, Dad!  

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