Three more pounds

“The pound of flesh which I demand of him
Is dearly bought.”  William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice
A few months ago, I wrote about my successful weight loss.  I hit my heaviest weight outside of pregnancy and quickly worked back to the weight I have been for approximately ten years.  Then I hit a plateau.  Whether it was not being actively engaged in a half-marathon training schedule or abandoning my food diary, my weight seemed to have stabilized.  Imagine my surprise when I returned from my family vacation in Rome only a pound heavier.  Surely all that walking made up for the sumptuous meals and afternoon siestas I told myself.  Having gotten back to a familiar weight I decided I needed to take on my next challenge: to get back to healthy weight range for my height. 
I went back to work and found myself too busy to resume my food diary but I also began preparing for my tenth half-marathon.  Without too much effort, I have continued to lose weight.  I now weigh approximately 128 pounds for the first time since my 20s.  I can now wear shirts I had relegated to bottom of drawers. I am wearing belts to hold up some of my favorite care-worn jeans.  I’m not hiding in baggy clothes or behind layers.  I put more effort into what I wear. In fact, I worked with a stylist, the wonderful Vanessa from One Girl, One DayOne Girl, One Day, to revamp my wardrobe for Back to School season.  Perhaps this is why I feel younger than ever lately.
So what is next? When I lose 4.5 more pounds, I will be within healthy weight range for my petite height of 4’11”. I’ll be running my 11th half-marathon in January and am hoping to achieve my personal record, having never made speed a priority but now feeling confident I can meet the challenge. That has been one of the greatest gifts of renewed health, an overall boost to my confidence and motivation.   The other gift has been knowing that my daughter and I will be running alongside one another  in January and in the future and that I am modeling good habits for her.  

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