Sainthood, evolution, and other ponderings

I used to live to write and write to live. Now I simply live, marvel in the greatest gift we have day by day, often hour by hour. In the last six months I have been away from writing, I have learned to live in a way I only imagined. As a fellow contemplative once wrote(I’m paraphrasing like no one’s business), I have rediscovered the Liturgy of the Hours in the household, the faith life in the family, how being a mother and partner is God’s work. This is not to downplay my passion for writing; that calling is rooted deep within me. But, for now, my life is smaller, simpler, filled with peace and happiness. Every meal made, every little piece of clothing buttoned, every little tear wiped away, every hug and laugh is an amen.

Heavy stuff for a quiet Sunday this All Saints’ Day.
This morning, I worked on my altarcito. Tomorrow is Dia de Los Muertos, though most Latino celebrations began in October and are culminating in Latino neighborhood celebrations today. I don’t have sugar calaveras or marigolds or a handmade rebozo. But I have a rock to represent steadfastness(also reminds me of my days as a Puente teacher, the rock being an allusion to Schindler’s List), a small bottle of rum to remember the party days I shared with my boys B and Donnell, a matchbox from Manhattan’s Cafe Lalo where I discussed Renaissance texts with my dear friend Charlene, candles, santos, the rosary I wore wrapped around my wrist when I was in labor with my daughter, and photos of my friends and family members. Later tonight, I will show the baby how the altar looks different. I will tell her about my abuelito, my nino, my friends. I will teach her how to honor those who have gone before us.
Blues and I celebrate our two-year anniversary tomorrow. He jokes that it makes sense it is Day of the Dead. Thank goodness for new life, new beginnings, and yes, for death in all its forms and facets.
Who remembers what I was like right before I met Blues? True, I was quite fabulous but emotionally and mentally, unbeknowst to most but very clear to me, I was a volcanically hot mess.
Cheers to us!

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