Why I’m blogging again

See what had happened was I looked. In the Bible, the angels told Lot’s wife to leave and not look back. God’s wrath would destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and she and her daughters would escape unharmed as long as they didn’t look. But that need to know. It can be a hunger, an itch. So she turned and she looked. What she saw was so terrible she disintegrated and her family left her behind, nothing but mineral.
I’m no mound of dust. I’m no remnant. But I looked. And what I saw wasn’t terrible, unless you consider the lack of change in a person terrible. For him, perhaps.
Nature says evolve, grow, change. An infant grows from a pair of cells, becomes a brain, heart, and spine, bursts or is pulled forth from the womb, opens eyes and mind to the universe, learns to grasp, move, communicate. Grows hair, teeth. In inches and wisdom. Ever expanding like creation.
Unnatural to stay the same. Goes against all that is good. Resistance to evolution results in extinction. He may not disappear like the dinosaurs. But his heart may fossilize, turn to coal or oil, be put in a museum display case to be discussed.
I looked back and saw a familiar pillar of salt.

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