Reality trash withdrawal

Having my daughter has given me new perspective and maturity. Take my past addiction to VH1 Celebreality. That cubic zirconia ring just doesn’t shine for me anymore. As I wait for the new season of Top Chef and stick to the Food Network, I find VH1’s trashy offerings less and less appealing.

I Love Money
This Survivor Lite was promising earlier this summer. But manipulation and eliminations took out the more interesting personalities. I am cheering for no one and there is no Legion of Doom we love to hate. The finalists for the quarter of a million dollars are Hoopz, WhiteBoy, Real, and Megan. Of these four, Megan is the least likable but she’s not even fun to hate. The other three were likable on their previous shows and at the outset of this show but have since become whiny and arrogant. I really don’t care who gets the prize.

New York Goes to Hollywood
New York’s fifth VH1 series followed her journey to LA to become a serious actress. We watched as Tiffany took acting classes, became smitten with her HOT(like fire!) acting partner Voss, broke up with Tailor Made(like we didn’t realize what an idiot he was long before she did), and chose between being New York or Tiffany. At times, it was fun(the Japanese commercial episode was hilarious). Other times, you had to cringe(Sister Patterson was so not fun this time around.) I actually missed New York’s histrionics.

VH1 is bringing us two new shows: Rock of Love Charm School and Real Chance at Love. The former brings back the tacky tarts Bret Michaels rejected and turns them over to Sharon Osbourne to become ladies. The latter has the Stallionaires looking for love. I may not be as excited by the prospects but I’m sure I’ll tune it just the same.

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