Enjoying some star Spanglish banter in Santa Rosa

We drove a long way through Wine Country to see George Lopez last weekend–but it was well worth the trip. While Blues napped and I cursed MapQuest for its crummy directions, we finally made it to the lovely Wells Fargo Center for the Arts to see G-Lo on his continuing America’s Mexican tour.
A local comedian opened the show but as soon as War’s “Low Rider” began to play, the predominantly Latino crowd(yes I was stuck with the cologne-heavy row of Latino pretty boys to my left and the hoochie mamas with cleavage everywhere else) got to their feet and roared. Out came George, wide-eyed as always, posing on stage, sporting a new goatee. He was in rare form, telling all the loud clowns to let him be the show, firing a mean swipe at the old white woman who took offense at George’s claim that sex ends at 55. It wasn’t the George we love from the now-syndicated sitcom on Nick at Nite. This was the George of the HBO special, riffing on everything from 80s music to Spanglish to relationships. For over 90 minutes, my daughter kicked up a storm to the roar of laughter and her mother’s nonstop giggles.
Now I know it would have made more sense to try to get tickets to one of George’s sold out shows in the City in September. But my baby could come any time then and I figured a jaunt through Northern Cali was worth it for one of my favorite estrellas.

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