Mothering my daughter

I’m having a baby girl. I can’t even begin to describe the feelings that overwhelmed me Monday afternoon as the Genetics counselor told me my baby was healthy and then revealed that she was a girl. I cried, even sobbed, after I got off the phone and then again when I told my own mother. How wonderful to know more about this little person, to know that a pronouncement I made to someone who has long since disappeared from my life has come true. “I wil bear a daughter and she will be strong.”
Just like her mother and father and all her loved ones before us.

One thought on “Mothering my daughter

  1. Orale esa, felicidades. Am sure there'll be some real hollering there sometime, either way, cuidate and let us now your experience of the labor of love in the coming months. Yonder Lies it out but before unos abrazos desde Suecia.


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