Highlights from LA Congress 2008

*sunshine as I cruised through Inglewood
*the old Irish priest who approached my predicament with compassion and common sense. I love how God always talks to me.
*how every meal tasted amazing
*3 full days without being sick
*Father J-Glenn Murray dancing out of the arena to us singing
*black Catholics and their joyous Mass
*listening to the great Fr. Richard Leonard, Fr. Ron Rolheiser, Matthew Kelly, and my new fave, Fr. Bryan Massingale
*buying something for my baby
*knowing my baby heard some of the greatest speakers and musicians American Catholicism has to offer
*discovering a mom and pop Peruvian restaurant, Mr. Pollo, in Garden Grove
*walking more than I have in weeks
*feeling God’s unwavering presence
*returning to the Catholic Planet!

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