Why a belly matters

In the last few weeks, my blog has received hits from all over North America, from the US to Canada, because I mentioned the physical changes in a Degrassi star. She’s been wearing baggy clothes and looks very pale and tired despite the hours in makeup. All over Google and Yahoo, folks are wondering if she’s pregnant. Why all the fuss?

True, she is only 20. But she is an adult and a real person. Why should we care about her pregnancy or lack thereof? It’s our continued cult of celebrity. I’m guilty of it. I admit I’ve become intrigued by fellow moms to be Jessica Alba and Halle Berry. I’m happy about J Lo’s new twins. And yes I’m curious about the actress too. Maybe it’s reassuring. Maybe it makes our fave celebs seem more real.

So is she or isn’t she? Her people aren’t commenting. I take that as a sign that we should respect her privacy. Having a baby, after all, is the most natural thing in the world, even for a TV actress.

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