A Surprise Love TKO: DVD review

I had serious misgivings about seeing Knocked up. After all, a certain former friend claimed it was the story of his messy life and like any dumb broad taken in by a man with baggage, I was dutifully jealous. Never mind that it was created by the producers of the charming The 40-year-old Virgin and that it even got Oscar buzz for its writing. No, I was going to dig in my heels and fear that movie as if it were the original Exorcist.

A lot has changed since June of 07. So much that I was excited about this movie which my bro recently encouraged me to see. I am thrilled to say it has become one of my new favorites.

Knocked up may feature the boys will be boys crassness of the Apatow productions but underneath the frat boy exterior, it is a love story. Don’t let the one night stand aspect fool you; the leads are good people whose “lucky accident” brings them together. Alison(played by the luminous Katherine Heigl) is a hardworking broadcaster. She rents an in-law from high strung big sis Debbie and big kid brother in law(a scene stealing Paul Rudd). She crosses paths with dope smoking, chubby slob Ben(the adorable Seth Rogen)at a club as she celebrates her promotion. Neither of them are players or barflies. She is genuinely nice; he can’t believe his luck. After their drunken night, Alison is put off by Ben’s low brow sense of humor and apparent lack of stability. But after morning sickness and two dozen pregnancy tests, Alison gives Ben another chance. What follows is a tender, honest, hilarious journey these two strangers take to form a family. Maybe it’s my hormones but I cried as much as I laughed. This is the story of a relationship in all its flaws and splendor and it beats a fluffy chick flick any day.
Besides, the movie has become one of the stories of my life. But I digress…

Now on DVD

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