Post Bowl Belly Aching

No, I’m not mad about the Giants’ upset. Those last 5 minutes were worth an aching rump and swirling tummy. Despite an aftermath of bed rest for the 2nd workday in a row, I enjoyed the 42nd SuperBowl–or at least the Crew’s celebration of it.

Never mind that half the Crew stayed in Oakland, watching the festivities at Babo’s(this time, he even snubbed my bro, yikes!)the Marine and his lovely wife, Smiley, hosted in their lovely home in our neck of the East Bay. We were treated to bingo, spinach dip, ambrosia salad, and other goodies. At first, it was me and my bro in a sea of Niner fans(yikes again!) but everyone was nice enough as we gave running commentary to the dozens of ads.

Now I’m not generally a fan of pro sports. Cal football is my passion and nothing comes close. But the SuperBowl is about the commercials. Kudos to the giant mouse attacking to a Carmen soundtrack for Doritos, the “aww” appeal of the Dalmatian training the young Clydesdale to the tune of “Rocky” for Budweiser, and one of my bro’s faves, the talking baby spitting up at the end of the E-trade ad. Boos to the stereotype-laden Taco Bell commercial(white girl, you best put your hair back up) My favorite was the Sobe Life Water ad, featuring grill-wearing geckos dancing to the choreography I covet most, “Thriller,” next to a very young looking Naomi Campbell. And Iron Man actually looks good, despite my doubts about Robert Downey, Jr.

Speaking of doubts, I dig rock legends as much as the next person but can we get a hotter halftime show? No one needs to rip off clothes but how about some dancing? Tom Petty is cool and “Free Fallin” sounded great but otherwise he and the Heartbreakers were looking a little old. My bro and I amused ourselves discussing our favorite petty videos and lamenting he didn’t play either tune. Haven’t we suffered enough for Justin and Janet’s faux pas?

Midway through the game, some of the Crew finally showed. Elbow came without his Mrs.and got razzed for wearing Raider gear. Mo showed up with his old girlfriend, his siblings, and the ever amusing Beautiful. No one seemed to notice my extra pounds, cleverly hidden in my old school adidas track suit. It was good to see everyone, if only to cheer and shout, just like usual.

The super Sunday ended on a not so super note. I cringed with misery even as I watched one of my all-time favorite episodes of Degrassi, “Venus,” before crawling into bed. I fell into uneasy sleep under the watchful snuggles of Blues, who is home again.

So it’s day 2 of sitting in my bathrobe for hours. But that’s what happens after a good party.
And I’m not even drinking!

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