I’m a sucker for singing rodents

Alvin and the Chipmunks
Movie Review

I wasn’t into the Chipmunks in the 80s. I much preferred the 60s classic cartoon and my all-time favorite Christmas song,”The Chipmunk Song.” (One of my high school bffs even got me a hula hoop!) I had mixed feelings about the 07 computer animated holiday blockbuster. After all, Hollywood has definitely gone green as far as recycling ideas goes. And what in the world happened to Jason Lee? He went from Kevin Smith fave to family-friendly comedian(loved him in Underdog). Nevertheless, I’m a sucker for chubby little Theodore. So I did my usual weekend matinee with Mom. Though it didn’t have much depth, it was light and fluffy, perfect for a rainy afternoon.

Still playing in multiplexes everywhere

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