Rehab officially begins

Not the Amy Winehouse kind but getting my injured leg back in shape. According to my good friend K at work and my longtime doctor, I tore muscle fibers in my left calf. I’m midway through week 3 of recovery and am ready to officially work out(I have to admit I have danced at least once a week since this injury despite prohibitions.) After all, I have plans for new half-marathon medals in 08 but really hope to perform in Carnaval.

I use a warm compress every morning and ice after exercise and before bedtime. I have weaned myself off daily doses of Tylenol and bandaging my leg(unless I take part in the forbidden activity of dancing). I still sleep with my leg elevated. I’ve only worn heels once, when I lectored Christmas morning, and it felt awful. But I know I have to exercise or I’ll lose muscle. I can’t try running until 4 full weeks have passed. I can rely on low impact exercise like my other fave, Pilates, or go back to swimming(but why are temps in the very low 40s?!?) in any case, it’s time to move.

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