Third time the charm? Movie Review

I Am Legend
“The future sucks. Change it.” Butthead of Beavis and Butthead

Will Smith gets his 7th #1 box office weekend with this third remake of scifi parable, I am Legend. America’s hero plays Dr. Robert Neville, an ambitious Army doctor who goes from a New York brownstone and Time Magazine cover bliss to ultimate borderline personality nightmare of being the last man in New York City and possibly the world. It seems famous Dr. Kreppin(a cameo from Emma Thompson) didn’t find a cure for cancer; a new plague decimates the world’s population and turns the survivors into rabid zombie-like creatures. Accompanied by his faithful German Shepherd Samantha, Neville continues running clinical trials in hopes of finding a cure for a cure gone awry, while struggling to survive physically and mentally.

As always, Will is both thrilling and poignant. Kudos to the dog who plays Sam. And yes, I’m picking up the Richard Matheson work as soon as I get a chance.

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