Is "I Love NY 16" in the works?

“My therapist says I’m attracted to unstable men.” New York on tonight’s episode

Bad boy former flame Chance didn’t let the door hit him on his way out. Pretty ran out of the house, leaving questions about his sexuality hanging. New York is now down to her final four. The question remains: has she really learned from her past experiences and current therapy? Or will she once again choose from two evils?

Tailor Made continues to buy expensive gifts and to be New York’s doormat. Still he has ceased to be loathsome. Now the possibly unstable Buddha is the man we wish New York would drop. Against the advice of her therapist and mother(yes that’s ironically familiar), she is drawn to Buddha sexually and emotionally. Fortunately, New York is beginning to see how wonderful Punk is. But will upcoming negative encounters with her potential in-laws and Buddha’s sexual allure take her down an old path?

I won’t argue that New York has an easy task at hand. It is difficult to learn new behaviors and attitudes, particularly in relationship matters. I know that from personal experience. But for the sake of health and happiness, it is well worth the hard work. As with real life, I plan to stay tuned.

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