A possible return?

“The only person,besides me, who could affect my wellness is busy peddling his wares…” from a MySpace conversation between yours truly and the long-lost Izzy

Ahh Izzy, child of my heart. Of all my proteges and adopted children, he is the only one to honor me on Mothers’ Day, the only one to break my heart the way some men have. Often lost in his own quandaries and existential wonderings, he is nevertheless steadfast. Because he truly knows and accepts me, he knows to come home. He knows the door to my soul is not shut when I feel love. He knows I forgive.

Izzy and I have had to separate many times. This time, I needed to put my mind back together. What little energy I had after July 2nd I could not expend on others(though one person on the planet did continue to receive my energy but that is another theme)so we agreed to part ways. But time has passed. I am healing. I am strong again.
So is he back? I am open to his return. He is, after all, an old and true friend. He is an ally.

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