A new alter ego

“The world needs drama queens. That’s where you come in.” from a birthday card I received this year

“No one ever suspects me.” from a new pair of socks

I have a weakness for pop culture critters, especially if I can identify with them. Some are small and cute like Pikachu, Mr. Winkle, and various Sanrio characters. Others are precocious and sarcastic like Muttley and Meowth. Still others are both adorable and blessed with a twisted sense of humor like Greg the Bunny and my latest object of affection, Happy Bunny. As with others before him, Happy Bunny is my new phase.
Created by Jim Benson, Happy Bunny is a cute but sardonic rabbit. He makes mean-spirited one-liners with a smile. He is the star of stickers, girl tees, books, stationery, and birthday cards.he graces my fridge and will soon make up a percentage of the gifts I give for Christmas. He is a mammal after my own heart.

I have had less healthy fixations, right?

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