Cue the suspenseful music: TV review

Oh, our girl New York is about to do it again. I’m beginning to think she should do a reality show on therapy and self-healing before she makes another bad relationship decision. Take it from me, Tiffany, I knows this s***.

In recent episodes, New York has begun to clean house. But is she discarding trash or hanging on to unnecessary clutter? The bizarre It is gone. Plucky Midget Mac has been released so he can heal from the death of his girlfriend. Pretty is just that, easy on the eyes, if a little reserved. Wise is probably on the chopping block since he holds back too much for our agression loving diva. Punk is an obvious keeper. Handsome, smart, and sensitive, he’s the brains of the outfit(and the glorious biceps, pecs, and abs, too.)Nevertheless, as always, New York seems way too attracted to the questionable ones. True, Buddha is gorgeous and self-aware, but he also got way too violent over nothing. I have to admit I literally jumped up and down and whooped when he made his plot twist comeback but only because I detest Tailor Made. That brings me to the man we all hate. Tailor Made is skinny, scrawny, and needy. But a $800 La Perla negligee put him back at the number one spot. And previews reveal that Chance, last season’s also-ran, is about to turn New York back into the weepy witch we know she can be. Will Season 3 be far behind?

I do have love for New York. I believe she does have love for herself. But she has to stop loving these fools who won’t be there for her. Otherwise, there will be no happy ending.

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