Another reunion

I went back to Adoration for the first time since early September. I was going every week for a while and it made a difference, especially those difficult summer months in the aftermath of my breakdown. I credit this devotion with helping to stabilize my mood and giving me great hope. Work, theater, and time with friends drew me away but tonight I returned to the little church on the big boulevard in the southern part of my hometown.

Adoration is a practice involving the Blessed Sacrament(called El Santissimo in Spanish). A consecrated host is placed in a monstrance on the altar. There can be songs, prayer, silence, or a combination of these. Ours involves a bilingual rosary recitation, bilingual Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, intercessions, a hymn, and the traditional Latin and English prayers of Exposition and Adoration.

Tonight, a fellow participant gave away rosaries from Medjugorje. They were simple wood and cord though mine is different. Thankfully so.

I had a good feeling when Hopeful texted me an invite to meet at Adoration tonight. It was meant to be, just like everything else that has happened to me in this year I declared would change my fate.

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