Rant 5: N****a n B**** please!

You p****y a** fools worryin bout what’s goin through my damn mind, worried bout what I’m fit to do. Y’all need to admit you some scary punks. I ain’t worried bout seeing you or talking to you.

I’m done with all the bullshit. I just want to squash all the drama once and for all. Be at peace wit y’all. I’m tryin to be the bigger person, reach my hand out, even if being cool bites me in the ass later. Y’all don’t know nothin bout me or my folks. We some good people and we love like family. But I’m not bout to waste my time on some small minded, weakass cowardly fakeass phonies. Be intimidated. Have your 2nd and 3rd and 24th thoughts. My madness is in check but don’t think I can’t strike back if need be.

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