Love for New York

“I’m gonna find me a man, even if it kills my ass.”

Tiffany “New York” Pollard is at it again(aren’t we all?) After being rejected by Flavor Flav twice and being dissed by her fiancé Tango, you would think New York would stay away from reality show dating. But everyone’s favorite Capricorn(yeah you know you thought she was a Cancer, I know I did) in stilettos is hoping to find a new love on VH1. I Love New York 2 is already on Episode 4, bringing us more histrionics, horniness, and hilarity.

The new season kicked off with a new mansion, a new sidekick(no more sassy Chamo), and 20 new suitors. 5 were selected online by fans. 5 are Mama’s Boys, a pack of suit-wearing, college educated men picked by New York’s eccentric mother Sister Patterson, and the other 10 were selected by New York and the VH1 production team. Some of the new suitors include muscle-bound but sensible law student Punk, the bizarre It, spunky Midget Mac, and the man we are all starting to hate, whiny yuppie Tailor Made.

Tailor Made was the root of the recent drama, provoking gorgeous Buddha into striking him, and later spitting on street-smart Wise. Tailor Made lies, tattles, and manipulates—so naturally New York likes him. The man has a baby mama, a not-quite-ex-wife, and hair plugs—who cares if he bought New York a pair of Manolos? Still, it’s clear that their chemistry is strong and New York enjoys Tailor Made’s clinginess. Maybe when last season’s irritant, Chance, makes a comeback, Tailor Made’s chances won’t be so great. Personally, I’d choose the gorgeous Pretty or intelligent Punk.

Even if I don’t always agree with her taste in men, there is something fascinating about New York. She’s a hot mess and therefore fun to watch.

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