Declaration of Independence

“Neither can live while the other survives…” J.K. Rowling

Borderline personalities have a hard time managing their black/white thinking. The splitting(separating people, thoughts, emotions, situations into either all positive or all negative) starts at a young age. Trauma such as childhood abuse can sometimes exacerbate the splitting.

For most of my life, I have been terrified of the Devil with a capital D, the devil in the adults who hurt me, the devil in the friends and lovers who have harmed me, and my own personal demons. My fear has become pathological at times. I cling. I obsess. But now I’m ready to start letting go.

So no great enemies. No more battle for my soul. No more good vs. evil with others or myself. The time has come to be true to myself, to focus on love and hope. It is time to walk out into the desert and burn away to a new beginning.

“Now and forever, I am Phoenix…”

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