Shark jumping? TV Review

Degrassi the Next Generation, Season 7

I have been watching DNG for approximately four years now. As happens with most youth-centered serial dramas, the leads become adults, even as the ratings stay high. Degrassi was supposed to end when the class of 2006 graduated but it goes on. I have mixed feelings about the series’ new incarnation.

Bipolar love-hate object Craig Manning(Jake Epstein) has disappeared into cocaine rehab. Lovable clown JT York(Ryan Cooley) was knifed to death in a controversial cliffhanger last season. Reformed bad boy Sean has joined the Canadian Army. Series centers Emma(Miriam McDonald) and Manny(Cassie Steele) have taken second billing to the other cast members. Annoying goody-two-shoes Darcy(Shenae Grimes and her annoying hair extensions) and reformed pervert rich boy Peter have become the new power couple. Yikes! Add a new storyline in which rival school Lakehurst has been forced to attend Degrassi, three new cast members, and everyone’s favorite Toronto high school doesn’t feel the same.

It is still too early to tell if the series is over for me. I will continue to tune in for a half hour of melodrama.

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