Day 2 of staying home

What an anticlimax to last night’s show. I was bubbling over with glee after my night in the City where, for once, it was hot and humid, reminding me of New York nights. After my long, lackadaisacal day, it felt good to slip on some t-strap heels, slacks, and my new maroon silk v-neck, to let my unnervingly gorgeous hair fall into place(thank God for Infusium shampoo), and trudge up past Union Square, past the crowds of tourists, hyphy kids, glam gay boys, and the homeless men calling me mama. Sure, I had to stifle my cough and take cough drops in my purse. But I was feeling better.

I didn’t get home until almost midnight and I was too wired to get to sleep before 1. When the alarm sounded at 5, I promptly called our school secretary and my own admin assistant before sleeping for nearly three more hours. Today has been another long day.

I have done a lot of rumination and contemplation in recent months. But I also recognize that too much analysis and isolation lowers my mood. Not surprisingly, I broke down in tears today, feeling lonely and wistful. So I finished another novel, mopped the floors, did another load of laundry, and set traps for the ants invading my house.

My cough is slightly better. It’s time to woman up and get back into my regular routine.

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