Staying home sick

The immune system is a delicate thing. One minute I’m shiny happy in the patio at Raleigh’s, rocking my new Cal Bears wife beater tank as South Central and Watts try to coax me into resuming drinking before my own self-imposed deadline. By the following Saturday, I’m screaming my weakened lungs out as the boys look a hot mess in the fourth quarter against Arizona, and mid-week, I’m curled up on the couch watching way too much VH1 and nursing three hot oil burns on my right elbow. The cold I’ve had for over a week is lingering and after a long day of hacking and feeling like I’m holding the whole school together with duct tape and will power, I decided to call in sick.

I am a marvel at caring for others but I’m relatively new at taking care of myself, even on the health front. Sure I love my greens and drinking lots of water but I’m also a sucker for Taco Bell and Jack in the Box mystery meat tacos. I haven’t run in three weeks and my sleep pattern has only been good for two weeks. Once this cold hit, I didn’t do much besides taking several Airborne tablets(actually the generic Walgreen’s version but same difference)on the first day I had symptoms. Last weekend, I went out into the San Francisco coolness with my bro and sis in law to the theatre on Friday and faced showers and humidity for Saturday’s game in Berkeley. Work has continued to be unbelievably taxing. So I needed a day for me.

So I slept in, watched lots of movies on TV(why in the hell would fine-ass Jay Hernandez go for Kirsten Dunst with her nasty unwashed short hair and raggedy clothes in crazy/beautiful), cleaned my bathroom, vacuumed the house, and watched some more TV.

My cough still sounds like a seal’s bark.
And yes I’m still headed into the City to see another musical.

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