Comic book reminiscence

I have been thinking about Cloak and Dagger lately. Cloak and Dagger were a Marvel Universe duo, two young runaways who fought crime and healed the addicted and downtrodden with the use of their special powers. Dagger had the power of energy daggers and the power to heal. Cloak had the power to envelop others in darkness, both physical and emotional. Together, they formed a yin-yang team. But Cloak stood apart from humanity, shunned society, with Dagger as his primary link to the world and others. Despite his good intentions, his dark powers consumed him and rendered him almost unable to relate to the world.

I always liked the image of Dagger as light. I was drawn to it as a depressed teenager, how this girl who faced abuse and neglect(which I could definitely relate to) could become a source of positive energy and mercy. I know now that Dagger is a comic book parallel for me, someone who has devoted her energy and talent to others, someone who seeks to bring light.

And what of Cloak…

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